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The project Public Gallery for Digital Arts started in 2005, during the XIII Biennial of Cerveira. Ar first, this artistic project aimed at the interchange between artists and artistic works through their participations at a distance. Later, and during 2088, its interventation was widened so as to welcome the participation of artists that simultaneously resort to the real and the virtual space in the production of their works. In this second stage, the use of the virtual domain was intensified by contacting artists with works created in the SecondLife platform.  

Thus, since its start, the P. G. D. A. project's ambition was to enhance a continuous flux of urban intervention and creation on the virtual space. With this attitude we have favored, from its beginning, a questioning about the artistic praxis and the author's idea, in the sense that the authorial identity becomes diluted, first as confrontation with the urban space and then by the shared artistic practice, which is favored by the global virtual process itself. Hence, this project reckons as current / contemporary practice the assumptions annunciating the loss of the work at art aura, by favoring the support for the outdoors on the public space, which inevitably leads ti its dilution (of the work) in the urban landscape.

This activity of dilution emerges from a situational assumption, in the sense that rhe undifferentiated public finds the works without mediating processes, which allows for a renewed and further share of the sensitive. It is worthy to note that by valuing the outdoor support with the statutory designation of public gallery, this term implies already a continuing questioning of the current institutions at the presentation of the Work as Monument.

Finally, by carrying out the P. G. D. A. project, it is aimed to suggest new issues related to the contemporary understanding of the artistic space and to value a symbiosis between the real and the virtual world, between the artist's manufacturing and the file produced by tha avatar.

For the 16ª Biennial of Cerveira, the artist gravador Choichi Nishikawa & Takashi Masai (Japan) [Portugal Lisboa (211,6,39) ] and the Sunflower Aichi avatar (Wafa Bourkhis / Tunísia) [Portugal Lisboa (106,2,41)] were invited to participate at the Public Gallery project.

Overview of the Area  XV Biennial of Cerveira / 2009 on Virtual Foundation V/5.

Public Gallery for Digital Arts : Wafa Bourkhis Outdoor  / Sunflower Aichi (avatar) 










Public Gallery for Digital Arts : Choichi Nishikawa Outdoor

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