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5th Biennial of Douro  2010:   1

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6th Biennial of Douro  2012:   1


       The project Public Gallery for Digital Arts

      The project Public Gallery for Digital Arts was initiated, in 2005, by the curators, mag. Breda S╣krjanec and Silvestre Pestana with the invitation for the distance participation of four international artists, Liina Sii (Estónia); Luís Monford (Brazil); Patrícia Villalobos (USA / Nicarágua) and Dan:son (Slovenia), in the field of Large Sized Digital Stamp during the XII International Biennal of Vila Nova de Cerveira. The conception of this project was developed through an training joint action in the area of the digital produtions. It was collectively advanced by the University of Vigo / PonteVedra and the University Braga.

       This project was possible due to the support and production of the 2005 Biennal of Vila Nova de Cerveira Direction Board in the insertion of two urban equipments, available in the streets, after the approval by the municipal executive board of Vila Nova de Cerveira.

       The theoretical land mark of the project Public Gallery for Digital Arts is linked to the importance conveyed to the public space as a diffusing means of the contemporary artistic expression, resorting to communication techniques, usually associated to the advertising promotion. Hence, the casual encounter between the public and the ephemeral work of art (the time of the work) is valued, since the latter, by being directed exposed, escapes the classic museological legitimation. It is in this sense that the re-contextualization of the exhibition spaces of the work of art occur, with the creation, within this purpose, of urban displays.
       The relevance of this project is focused in an artistic distance participation, in which the physical distances are underestimated, and the cultural differences encouraged. The distance participation of artists from distinct cultural backgrounds accentuates and derides the geographic situation of a peripheral region in a country itself peripheral in the globalization context.
During the period between the 2005 Biennal of Vila Nova de Cerveira and the current edition of the 2007 / XIV Biennal the artists Steve Bruntlett, Celeste Cerqueira, Margarida Leão and Silvestre Pestana were asked to exhibit their works, wich they did.
         At the present edition of the 2007 Biennal de Cerveira, it were the artists Mineo Aayamaguchi (Japan), Ana Soler Baena and Kako Castro (Spain) who have been invited to present their works, at the Public Gallery for Digital Arts.