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Text 2005:    1

Text 2007:   1 

Text  2009:   1

5th Biennial of Douro  2010:   1

Text  V/5 Foundation SecondLife:   1

   Text 2011:    1

6th Biennial of Douro  2012:   1


Postcard on invitation to the V/5 Virtual Foundation - Portuguese Cultural Center's cultural activities. (Angel Isles 186,200,22)


The V/5 Virtual Foundation project is an artistic project accessible on Metaverse and located at the Second Life platform (Angel Isles 186,200,22).


As a Foundation, the V/5 project aims at supporting and promoting projects of artistic activities on digital spaces. For this purpose, the V/5 Foundation disposes of a virtual space available at SL and meant to encourage the artistic creation, the leisure activity and the opportunities of dissemination enhanced by online 3D technology. The digital platform Second Life was chosen due to its popularity and its easiness to cater for virtual modeling and experiment shapes and spaces with new features, such as, the immediate rendering of shapes, the online interactivity during its production and its immediate access on a virtual space. To these traits one can still add the possibility to watch video projects and experience real time performative interventions.

Taking into account the leisure opportunities of the Second Life platform, the V/5 Foundation is committed to increase not only social activities, but also the sharing of experiences between the artists (avatars), and to develop a productive exchange program with other institutions. This can be attested by the transition of the Outdoor project (Cerveira 2005) to the virtual space. During this process many creators/avatars were invited and contacted for the first time, at this virtual space, in order to present their works as outdoors on several spaces of the Metaverse, because one of the innovative characteristics enhanced at large scale by the SL platform is the generalized participation to its most different participants (avatars), as well as the possibility to actively participate at a world’s construction.   

Finally, the V/5 Foundation attends and resorts to the potential of worldwide meeting offered by this media, and explores the visitors’ cultural exchange so as to take advantage of the avatars’ presence flows according to the GMT/UTC time zones.

Public Presentation of "collectiom 3D virtual works of artists of the Foundation V/5 - Portuguese Cultural Center's. Edition numbered 1/12 in Pen Drive.